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Groups are used in Optimum as a way of grouping employees together (e.g. into department or location, or under a common supervisor or manager).

By grouping employees together in this way, it is possible to control which supervisors or managers are responsible for which employees (see Allocating Group Items to Users) and, when running reports, to control which employees are displayed in the reports.

There is no limit to the number of groups which can be set up in Optimum.

Groups are defined on the Maintain Groups screen and displayed on the Groups tab on the Maintain Employee Details screen, where you can associate group items with employees.

Group Items

A group item is an individual member of a group. For example, in a group called 'Department' you might define 'Finance', 'HR' and 'Payroll' as group items (departments) under that group.

Group items are defined on the Maintain Group Items screen and allocated to specific users (e.g. managers, supervisors) using the Allocate Groups to Users screen.

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