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How do I create a new analysis code?

  1. In the Category box, select the Analysis Category that you want the code to be in. Analysis categories are defined using the Analysis Categories screen.

  2. In the Code field, enter a unique identifier code for the Analysis Code. This can be up to 6 characters, and can be a mix of letters and numbers.

  3. In the Description field, enter a description for the category. This can be up to 30 characters.

  4. In the Code Function field, select the appropriate entry from the drop-down list. This setting affects how the code is used within Optimum, including which screens and reports it is available on. To be available:

  • on the Book Leave screen, Code Function must be Leave or Absence

  • on the Adjustment Request screen, Code Function must be Open, Early Leaving, Late or Lieu

  • on the Leave Request screen, Code Function must be Leave or Absence

  • to associate with the Time-In-Lieu screen, Code Function must be Lieu

The field defaults to Open.

  1. In the Code Type box, select the appropriate type from the drop-down list. The default value is Hours.

  2. Enter appropriate Minimum and Maximum Values.

  3. Enter an appropriate Rate, if applicable. For example, if the code relates to overtime, enter the rate at which the overtime is paid.

  4. Enter a Premium, if applicable. This is entered as a percentage.

  5. If the code generates payment tick the Paid tickbox.

  6. If you want the code to be grouped in an Exception Code, select the appropriate code from the drop-down list. Analysis Codes may also be grouped together under Exception Codes for reporting purposes.

  7. Max. Days is the maximum number of consecutive days of leave that can be booked/requested against this code.

  8. Mapping Code is only used if you are writing or importing the code from a non-Optimum system.

  9. Enter the Authorisation Level required to authorise this code.

  10. (Optional) You can set a Default Colour to identify this code on the timesheet. Click Colour to display a popup where you can select the required colour.

  11. Click Save. Then move to the Settings Tab.


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