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The Roster Tab

If the employee changes working arrangements at any stage, you can assign them to a different roster.

  1. Click New, and entering the new roster details.

  2. Select the appropriate Roster Code from the drop down list.

  3. Enter the Start Date. The start date should always correspond with day 1 of the working week. If day one is a Sunday the start date should be a Sunday.

Leave the Finish Date blank if the roster is to be ongoing.


An open-ended roster is indicated by a question mark (?) in the Finish Date field.

  1. Enter the First Cycle Position. This determines which day of the roster the employee starts on.

Note: Always use a cycle position that corresponds to day one of the week even if the employee starts work mid week. For example, for a 7 day cycle use Cycle Position 1, or for a 14 day cycle use either cycle position 1 or 8.

  1. Click Save.

Note: You can assign the employee to a roster in advance of the Start Date. The employee will automatically change to the new roster on their start date.

You can now edit the Badge tab for the employee.

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