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The Username Tab

Use the Username tab to change employee’s login access to Optimum.

  1. Enter a User Name for the employee.

  2. Enter a Password for the employee (maximum 16 characters).

  3. Re-enter the Password to confirm it.

  4. Enter an Email Address for the employee. Leave requests and/or authorisations will be sent to this address.

  5. (Optional) Enter an alternate work and/or home email addresses.

  6. Select a Menu Profile for the employee. The available options are listed in the drop-down box.

  7. Select a Default Screen for the employee. This will be the screen that is displayed immediately after the employee logs on.

You may find it useful to set the Employee Dashboard or Supervisor Dashboard as the default screen. These give a summary of information about the employee or the supervisor and their team.

  1. Click Save.

You can now edit the Accrual tab for the employee.

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