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What does Optimum do?

Optimum software provides comprehensive web-based workforce management solutions. Available modules include:

Time and Attendance\Flexi Time

Both time and attendance, and flexi time solutions allow staff to clock using electronic clocking terminals or directly from their PC via a web browser.  All methods allow for real time data availability and automatic calculation of hours, infringements, etc. based on the employees' associated roster.


Leave Management

The Leave module allows you to set up unlimited leave types, by employee, department, supervisor etc. The Leave module allows employees to request leave using a standard web browser or alternatively allows an employees' supervisor/manager to book leave in advance for employees. It also provides information to supervisors and managers on leave balances, the leave booked within their teams, and allows managers to authorize leave requests from employees.


Performance Indicator (Graphing)

The graphing module allows you to display employee, department, supervisor etc information on a monthly or yearly chart showing leave, absence and overtime trends. Supervisors and managers find this module extremely useful for controlling manning levels within their department. The module will highlight to the supervisor or manager those employees who have requested or booked leave in advance and highlight a shortage of key staff in any particular area.


HR Administration

The HR Administration module allows authorised users add as many additional fields as required.  For example:


  • Photograph

  • Marital status

  • Dependent children

  • Nationality

  • Work Permit required

  • Gender

  • Job title

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Next of kin

  • Retirement date

  • Appraisal date


Alerts and Schedules

It is possible to set up alerts in the system that will automatically notify authorised users of events.  It is possible to alert against many of the key activities in Optimum.  For instance:

  • alert supervisor of employee late arrivals

  • alert supervisor of employee exceeding a set number of core infringements in a rolling period

  • alert HR of an employee drawing close to working hours in excess of Working Time Act directive guidelines

  • alert HR/Supervisors of an employees’ retirement/appraisal/birth date

  • alert HR of employees reaching end of contract periods

The system scheduler provides the ability to schedule any report to run for any individual, supervisor or manager at a preordained time. For example:

  • schedule a report on late arrivals for the day to be printed overnight for the supervisor at their local printer

  • schedule a departmental summary report for a department head to arrive by email once a month

A key feature of our software is the ability to accommodate numerous work patterns and/or different shift rotations. In addition, the software can automatically transfer all data to the payroll system and produce a vast array of management reports.


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