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How do I allocate employees to rosters?

Roster employees should be allocated to roster to ensure that their recorded time is handled correctly within Optimum.

All employees are available for allocation to a roster, unless they are a member of a FLEXI group (allocated on the Maintain Employees screen).

Allocating employees

  1. Select the Allocate Employees to Rosters screen.

The available rosters are listed on the left-hand side of the screen, in the Rosters box.

Any employees who are not yet allocated to a roster are displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, in the Unallocated Employees box.

  1. Select one of the available rosters. Any employees already allocated to this roster are shown in the centre of the screen, in the Allocated Employees box.

  2. In the Start Date field, select the date that the employee(s) start on the roster.

  3. In the Position field, select the position the employee(s) start on the roster.

The number of start positions is set for each roster. You can check the number of start positions by going to the Rosters screen. The Days in Cycle field gives the number of start positions.

If you select a start position that isn't valid for the roster, the record will not save, and the employees will not be allocated.

  1. In the Unallocated Employees box, select the employee(s) that you want to allocate to this roster, start date and start position. To select more than one employee, hold down the CTRL key while highlighting the employees.

  2. Click the << button to transfer the employee(s) to the Allocated Employees box.

  3. If you need to allocate other employees to the same roster but with different start dates or start positions, repeat steps 3 to 6 with the new values.

  4. When the employees have been allocated as required, click Save.

The Allocated Employees box is updated to include their start date and start position.

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