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How do I view which employees are (or have been) allocated to a roster?

  1. Select the Allocate Employees to Rosters screen.

The available rosters are listed on the left-hand side of the screen, in the Rosters box.

  1. Select one of the available rosters. Any employees currently allocated to this roster are shown in the centre of the screen, in the Allocated Employees box.

  2. Click List to see an overview of the employees allocated to the selected roster.

This shows the following information for the roster:

  • Roster Code

  • Description

  • Employee Number

  • Surname

  • Forename

  • Start Date - the date that the employee started on this particular roster

  • Finish Date - this is shown if an employee has been allocated to this roster but has been removed. If an employee is still allocated to the roster, a question mark is displayed

  • First Cycle Position - the position in the work pattern that the employee started on this particular roster

  1. Click Back to return to the allocation screen.

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