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What are analysis codes?

Analysis Codes are used to identify and record different types of work and leave. For example:

  • BAS is a code used to record values of Basic Pay

  • UPSD is used to record amounts of Uncertified Sickness

  • HOLS is the code used to hold values of an employee’s Annual Leave

Analysis Codes are primarily used in the Weekly and Daily Timesheets to record an employee’s activities over the course of the working week.  They are also used when managing employee’s leave entitlements and when booking leave for employees, among other functions.

There is no limit to the number of Analysis Codes which may be set up in Optimum.

Analysis Codes are grouped into Analysis Categories – each code must be assigned an Analysis Category.

Analysis Codes may also be grouped together under Exception Codes.

Click here for information about creating new Analysis Codes.

Click here for information about editing existing Analysis Codes.

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