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How do I edit an existing employee's record?

Changes to an existing employee's record are made on the Employee Maintenance. You can input or edit information on each of the tabs individually each one can be saved independently.


Before you can start editing the information, you need to select the appropriate record. There are several ways of doing this, which are detailed here.

The tabs on the Employee Maintenance screen are:



When you have selected the record that you want to edit, select the appropriate tab and make the changes.

Click Save on each tab after you have made changes.



If you click Delete on the Personal tab, the whole employee record will be deleted. The employee number of the deleted record will be available for re-use.


Clicking Delete on the other Employee Maintenance tabs deletes only the information on that tab.


When someone leaves your organisation, we recommend that you mark them as inactive, rather than deleting the employee record.


Inactive Employees

When an employee leaves your organisation, it is preferable to keep their record for historical reference and reporting purposes.


To do this, simply untick the Active box to remove the employee from daily calculations and reports.

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