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How do I request leave?

Select Request Leave from the menu.


This displays your entitlements for the current period, and a record of the leave that you have booked for the period.


You can change the information that is displayed:


  • If you want to view leave records for a different leave period, use the Year drop-down list to select the period you want to see

  • If you want to view specific types of leave, use the Code drop-down list to select the leave type that you want to see

  • If you want to view leave records by status, use the Status drop-down list to select the status that you want to see


Submitting a leave request

  1. Click New Request.

  2. Enter the From and To dates for the leave, either by typing the dates in or selecting them on the drop-down calendar.

  3. Select a leave Code from the drop-down list.

  4. Select the Duration of the leave.

  5. If you selected Hours, enter the number of hours.

  6. Enter the Reason for making the leave request. This can be up to 50 characters.

If you want to clear the details that you have entered and start again, click Reset.


If you want to go back to the summary of leave requests, click Return.

  1. Click Request to submit the request. A list of days that you have requested as leave is displayed, indicating any that are rest days.

Your leave request is e-mailed to your supervisor, for them to authorise or decline.


Once your supervisor has processed your request, the Processed status on the Leave Requests summary will change to show the date on which it was processed, and whether the leave was authorised or declined.

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