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How do I manage menus and profiles?

Within Optimum, you can set up a number of different menu systems ("profiles") so that people can access the different the tasks they need.


For example, you may have teams of people who only need to record their clocking times, check their timesheets and book holidays. You may also have groups of people who need to be able to authorise and cancel holidays, book leave for their teams, and authorise timesheets. Your IT team may only need to access some of the maintenance and set-up routines.


In this case, you would create a set of three menu profiles which allow people access to the tasks they need, and then allocate people to the appropriate profile.


The building blocks of a menu profile are functions. These are the tasks that are carried out in Optimum. Functions can be renamed to use terminology that is common within your organisation, and built into menus in ways that suits your environment.


To set up and allocate menu profiles, there are four main processes that need to be carried out:


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