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How do I check my flexi timesheet?

You can view a copy of your weekly timesheet, which shows the hours you have worked, together with leave you have taken, public holidays, other absences and infringements.


To view this screen, select Weekly Timesheet from the menu.


Changing which week is displayed on the timesheet

When you first go into the screen, it will show the current week.


To change which week is displayed, you can either:

  • use the  or  keys to scroll to the required week and press Go, or

  • use the drop-down calendar to select the required week and press Go.


Elements on the timesheet

For each day of the week, you can see:

  • the clockings that you have made so far in the week

  • daily totals

  • cumulative variance in the accounting period

  • flexi summary this gives you info about the flexi period that you are viewing, and has had the flexi rules in operation in your company applied. The following information could be displayed:

Opening the opening balance of hours from the start of the flexi period that you are viewing
C/F Adj. the hours that were deducted from the previous flexi period because you worked too many hours to carry forward
Yesterday your flexi balance when the last clocking was recorded for the previous working day
Current your current flexi variance
Total Hrs the total hours worked during the flexi period you are viewing
AM any infringements of core time in the mornings
PM any infringements of core time in the afternoons
Unadjusted this identifies absences within the flexi period that may need to be adjusted

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