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Giving an individual access to other employee’s records

Once an individual has been given the rights to edit records, you can associate them with the groups of employees that report to them. This will allow them to access and report on the records of those employees.


To do this:

  1. Select Groups to Users from the menus.

  2. Select the individual’s username from the list of System Users.

  3. In the Group Name drop-down box, select the appropriate type of group. The groups of the selected type are displayed in the Available Group Items list.

  4. Highlight the groups of employees that report to the individual, and click the << button to allocate these groups to the supervisor.

If you need to remove a group that has already been allocated to the individual, highlight that group in the Allocated Group Items list, and click the >> button.


A confirmation message is displayed indicating the groups that have added to or deleted from the supervisor’s record.


Note: If you allocate items from more than one group to a user (e.g. Department A and Cost Centre B), then the user will only see employees who are in both of these groups. They do not see all the employees in Department A and all the employees in Cost Centre B.


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