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Giving someone the rights to edit employees’ records

The person who is going to be given higher level of rights needs to be already set up as a employee on the system. If they aren’t, follow the instructions in the Employee Maintenance – New Employee section.


To give someone the right to add, edit or modify records, they need to be allocated a username in the Username screen. This allows you to give them the extra functionality appropriate to their position.


First, check whether or not the individual has already been given a username in the Employee Maintenance screen. If they have, this part of their record must be deleted.

To do this:

  1. Select the Employee Maintenance screen.

  2. Select the Username tab.

  3. If there are any details displayed on this screen, they need to be deleted. Click Delete.


Clicking delete when you are on the Contact, HR or Group tabs will delete the entire employee record.


Clicking delete when you are on the Roster, Badge and Username tabs deletes only the data displayed on those tabs.



Creating a username with enhanced access rights

Use the Users screen to give the individual enhanced access rights.

  1. Select the Users screen from the menu.

  2. Click New.

  3. Enter the Username for the individual, together with their Password, and confirmation of their password.

  4. Enter the Fullname of the individual (first and last names).

  5. Enter the person’s Employee Number.

  6. If the person is going to be responsible for authorising leave, enter their e-mail address(es) so that they can receive the requests from their team members.

  7. Select the appropriate Default Screen. This is the first screen they will see when they log on to Optimum.

  8. Select a Menu Profile. This determines what menu items they have access to.

  9. Tick the necessary checkboxes on the right of the screen. These dictate the rights that the individual has to make changes to employee records.

  10. When you have finished editing the details, click Save.

The details that you have entered on this screen will also update the fields in the Employee Maintenance/Username tab.


You can now give the user access to other employees' records by allocating groups to them.

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