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How do I maintain records of users?

Users are people who have been given enhanced access rights within Optimum. They can view records of other employees, and they may be able to edit the records they can see.


To set up a new user, follow the instructions given here.


Use the Users screen to give the individual enhanced access rights.

  1. Select the Users screen from the menu.

  2. From the Users list, select the name of the user you want to edit.

  3. Enter the Username for the individual, together with their Password, and confirmation of their password. You can enter the first letter of their username into the Filter box and press Go to display only usernames with that letter.

  4. Make the necessary changes to their record.

  5. When you have finished editing the details, click Save.

The details that you have entered on this screen will also update the fields in the Employee Maintenance/Username tab.


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