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Use this screen to allocate daily thresholds to individual timebands within work patterns. Thresholds override the standard payment structures defined by the timebands that make up the work pattern for each day.

Daily thresholds are defined using the Daily Thresholds screen. Timebands are defined on the Work Patterns Maintenance screen.

Note: This screen is used to allocate daily thresholds. If you are allocating weekly thresholds, use the Thresholds tab on the Work Patterns Maintenance screen.

How do I allocate a daily threshold to a timeband in a work pattern?

  1. Highlight the required work pattern in the Work Patterns list. The timebands defined for that work pattern are displayed in the Timebands list.

  2. In the Timebands list, highlight the timeband which is to have the daily threshold allocated to it.

  3. Highlight the required daily threshold in the Available Thresholds list.

  4. Click << to move the selected daily threshold to the Allocated Thresholds list.

  5. Click Save.

You can move a threshold in the Allocated Thresholds list, if required, by highlighting it and using the Up and Down buttons.

If you have allocated a threshold in error, highlight it in the Allocated Thresholds list and click >> to move it back into the Available Thresholds list.


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