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How do I view roster details for my team?

The Team Roster Calendar displays roster and absence details for all employees who report to you.


The calendar displays the start of core time for the allocated roster or the reason for any absence. Absences are colour-coded to make it easier to tell at a glance what type of absence applies to each date. Clicking on a highlighted date in the calendar will display the employee's daily timesheet for that date.


To display a different month and/or year, use the  or  buttons to scroll to the required month and/or year and press Go.


If your security profile allows you access to employees other than those in your team, you can display different employees on the calendar by selecting a filter. The first drop-down displays a list of Group Items available to you and the second drop-down displays a list of options in the selected Group Item. When you have selected a filter press Go to refresh the calendar and display the selected employees.


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