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The Supervisor Dashboard

This provides a snapshot of information about yourself and your team, and gives quick access to information and easy navigation to the most commonly used functions.

The screen shows the following information, and has links to further pages where you may need to take action:


For the teams you supervise, it gives summaries of:

  • Roll Call

  • any Leave Authorisations pending

  • any Adjustment Authorisations pending

  • any Self Service Authorisations pending


For yourself:

  • Clocking (current status)

  • Timesheet Summary (current week)

  • Leave Entitlements (current year)

  • Leave Requests (summary of current year)

  • Clocking Adjustment Requests (summary of current year)

  • Self Service Requests (summary of current year)

  • calendar of Current Leave Status for current, previous and next months


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