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How do I allocate employees to flexitime parameters?

Flexitime employees should be allocated to a set of flexitime parameters to ensure that their recorded time is handled correctly within Optimum.

To be available for allocation to a set of flexitime parameters, an employee must be a member of a FLEXI group (allocated on the Maintain Employees screen).

Allocating employees

  1. Select the Allocate Employees to Flexitime screen to allocate flexitime employees to the correct parameters.

The available sets of flexitime parameters are listed on the left-hand side of the screen, in the Flexitime box.

Any employees who are in the FLEXI group, but who are not yet allocated to a set of flexitime parameters are displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, in the Unallocated Employees box.

  1. Select one of the available sets of flexitime parameters. Any employees already allocated to these parameters are listed in the centre of the screen, in the Allocated Employees box.

  2. In the Unallocated Employees box, select the employee(s) that you want to allocate to these parameters. To select more than one employee, hold down the CTRL key while highlighting the employees.

  3. Click the << button to transfer the employee(s) to the Allocated Employees box.

  4. When the employees have been allocated as required, click Save.

Viewing all flexitime employees

Click List to see an overview of all flexitime employees, showing which parameters they have been allocated to.

  • Flexi Code

  • Description

  • Employee Number

  • Surname

  • Forename

Click Back to return to the allocation screen.

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