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At least one function, called Clking, must be defined for every clock. This is used when an employee swipes a card at the clock without using any of the function keys. When a card is swiped at the clock a unique number is added to the transaction string which determines which function is used. A procedure file is allocated to every function to determine what is done with the transaction and what message format is output (if any) to the clock.

Caution! Do not change any of the settings on this screen unless you have been advised to do so by NorthgateArinso or you have had relevant training. Changing these settings could cause you Optimum system to behave unpredictably or stop working.

How do I define a function?

  1. Click New.

  2. Enter the Application Code (e.g. TAR).

  3. Enter the Function Name. This will be Clking for a standard swipe, F01 for function key 1, F02 for function key 2, and so on.

  4. Enter the Procedure File which determines how the clocking transaction is processed and the format of the message returned to the clock.

  5. Click Save.


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