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How do I allocate groups to users?

Groups can be allocated to the users that need to access the records of the group members, or to report on the group.


You can use groups to restrict access to employee’s records by allocating groups of people to specific supervisors/users.


Caution! By default, a user can see all employees until their access is restricted by allocating specific groups to them.


To allocate groups to users:

  1. Select Groups to Users from the menu. The left hand side of the screen displays a list of users on the system who have been given enhanced access rights within Optimum.

  2. Select the user to whom you want to allocate groups. This defaults to the user that is currently logged on.

If the user has been assigned to a menu profile assigned, this is displayed.

  1. In the Group Name box, select the group that contains the items that you want to allocate to the user.

  2. In the list of Available Group Items, highlight the item(s) that you want to allocate.

  3. Click the << button to move these into the Allocated Group Items list. If you want to remove any items from this list, highlight them and click the >> button.

  4. To check which employees the user has access to, click the Show employees for (username) button. Unless the user has access to all employees' records, this generates a report showing the Employee No., Employee Name, Department and Active status for those employees that the user has access to.

Changes are committed immediately to the database, you do not need to save changes separately. A confirmation message is displayed indicating the groups that have added to or deleted from the user’s record.


Note: If you allocate items from more than one group to a user (e.g. Department A and Cost Centre B), then the user will only see employees who are in both of these groups. They do not see all the employees in Department A and all the employees in Cost Centre B.


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