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The Interface Layouts Maintenance screen is used by the Optimum System Administrator to define the layout of the payroll interface file for output from Optimum to your organisation's payroll system. The payroll interface is processed using the Payroll Interface screen. Before you can use an interface layout to create a payroll interface file, you must first associate it with the salary type on the Salary Types screen.

Caution! If you edit an interface layout created by another user, your changes will be applied to their layout. We strongly recommend that if you need to make changes to an existing layout you copy it and edit the copy or create a new layout.

You can create and maintain as many interface layouts as required.

The Interface Layouts Maintenance screen has four tabs:

To create a new interface layout, click New on the Layout tab and work through the tabs in order.

To copy a layout, highlight it in the Interface Layouts list and click Copy on the Layout tab. This will copy all records for the selected layout (layout, lines, columns and codes).

To copy a single line, click Copy on the Lines tab. This will copy the line and any associated columns.


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