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How do I authorise leave for my team?

The leave authorisation screen

Depending on your system settings, you may receive an e-mail telling you that a team member has requested leave. If this option isn’t set on your system, you can check the Leave Authorisation screen to see if there are any requests waiting for authorisation.


The Leave Authorisation screen lists all requests that have been placed by your team members that are waiting for authorisation.


If the team member has booked leave spanning a number of days, each day is listed individually, allowing you to authorise or decline each day separately.


Authorising or declining leave

  1. Select Leave Authorisation from the menu.

  2. Tick the checkboxes of the days that you want to authorise or decline.

If you want to authorise or decline all the days requested by one employee, tick the single checkbox next to the first line of their requests.


If you want to authorise or decline all requests for all employees, click Select.

  1. You can add a comment in the Comment box. This will show on the employee’s Leave Request summary.

  2. Click Authorise or Decline as appropriate. You’ll see a screen summarising the leave that you have authorised or declined.

The employees’ leave entitlement will be updated automatically based on your authorisation.

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