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How do I cancel leave for my team when it has already been authorised?

If members of your team need to cancel leave that they have already booked, you can do this for them via the Leave Cancellation (also called Unauthorise Leave) screen.

  1. Select Leave Cancellation from the menu.
  2. Use the Month drop-down list to view leave booked in future months.
  3. Use the Code, and Employees drop-down boxes to filter the data.
  4. Tick the checkboxes of the days that you want to cancel.

If you want to cancel all the days requested by one employee, tick the single checkbox next to the first line of their requests.

If you want to cancel all requests for all employees, click Select.

  1. You can add a comment in the Comment box. This will show on the employee’s Leave Request summary.
  2. Click Update. You’ll see a screen summarising the leave that you have cancelled.

 The employees’ Leave Entitlement will be updated automatically based on your cancellation.

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