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The Payroll Interface is used to generate the payroll interface file for output from Optimum to your organisation's payroll system (configured using the Interface Layouts Maintenance screen).

The payroll interface should be processed after all necessary adjustments have been made to employees' timesheets, but can be re-run if required.

How do I generate a payroll interface file?

  1. Select the salary type in Payroll. Salary types are defined using the Salary Types screen.

  2. Enter or select the Payroll period start date.

  3. Enter the Payroll Period. This is the number of the pay period to be processed (e.g. 01-12 for monthly pay groups; 01-53 for weekly pay groups).

  4. Enter the Payroll Year. This is the first number of the tax year (e.g. 10 for tax year 2010-11).

  5. Tick Transfer Leave to include any leave details in the payroll interface file.

  6. Select whether you want to report all records or non-transfers only.

  7. Click Run.


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