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This screen is used by an Optimum system administrator to create and maintain the configuration of posts in an Optimum system where Post Scheduling is used. You must define the post parameters before you can set up posts.

Caution! Post parameters will have been defined when your Optimum system was installed. You should not need to define any others or edit the ones which have already been defined for your system.

Label is the term which is used for posts on all Optimum post screens.

Configuration is the type of post allocation (i.e. Permanent or Scheduled).

Control Group is the master group for this type of post.

Start of Week is the first day of the working week.

FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) is used to calculate the decimal fraction of the full working week that an employee in this post works. For example, if the employee only works for the equivalent of two days in a five day working week, the FTE value would be 0.4. Select the FTE Group ID.

Tick Split Hours if the daily analysis hours are to be split according to the rules based on the employees post group items.

Select one or more Selection Groups to be associated to this type of post. A user will only have access to maintain post schedules that belong to a selection group to which they have administrative rights (assigned in Allocate Group Items to Users).


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