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How do I check what logon attempts have been made?

The Logon Audit report can be used to review log on/log off activity for a specified username. It provides the following information:

Username the characters entered into the Username box on the log on screen
Date the date of the attempt


the time of the attempt
Valid were the log on credentials (Username/Password) valid (yes/no)


the portal that the user tried to log on to
Logon did the user attempt to log on?


did the user log off?
Attempt the number of attempts to log on with the username. A zero indicates that this event was a log-off.
Fail Reason the reason why the log on attempt failed
Net User not used
Station not used

To run the report:

  1. Select Logon Audit Report from the menu.

  2. By default, you will be shown the audit report for the username that you are currently using. To see the results for a different username, type it into the Username box.

Note: the username you enter doesn't need to be a username that is valid within Optimum. You can run the report for any username that you believe has been used to try and log on to the system.

  1. Enter a Start Date for the report, or select it from the drop-down calendar. The report will start on this day and go backwards through the audit details.

  2. Enter a No. of Days that you want the report to cover.

  3. Click Go.

The report will return all results for the given username in the period.

The report can be generated for any username for which a logon attempt has been made. It does not have to be a valid username within Optimum.


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