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A roster defines the work schedule for employees over a given period of time: the days they are due to work and the rest days. A roster is a repeating cycle which can consist of any number of days. This screen allows an Optimum System Administrator to view and maintain rosters.

For each day in the roster, the times that the employee is expected to work are defined using the Work Pattern Maintenance screen. A roster is made up of one or more work patterns. Before defining a roster using this screen you must make sure that all the work patterns which are to included in the roster have been defined on the Work Pattern Maintenance screen.

How do I define a roster?

  1. Click New.

  2. Enter a Code. This must be a unique identifier and can be up to six alphanumeric characters.

  3. Enter a Description.

  4. Enter the date from which the roster is available in Start Date. Once the roster has been saved, this date should not be changed.

  5. Enter Days in Cycle. This is the number of days in the pattern before the roster is repeated.

  6. Select a work pattern for each row in the Allocated Work Patterns table. They must have already been defined on the Work Pattern Maintenance screen.

  7. Click Save.

How do I copy an existing roster?

  1. Highlight the roster to be copied in the Rosters list.

  2. Enter a unique code in the field next to the Copy button.

  3. Click Copy.

The roster definition is copied and you can edit it as described above.


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