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This screen is used by an Optimum system administrator to re-run the rules procedures for individuals or groups of employees over a selected date range.

Rules are calculations which take place between employees' clockings and the rosters they are allocated to. Rules are normally run overnight as a scheduled task and are used to calculate the analysis hours on the bottom half of the timesheet screens. However, it may be necessary to re-calculate rules for an employee or group at another time (e.g. if you are changing data retrospectively to correct errors).

Group is the Group Item to be used as a basis for the selection (e.g. Employee). Select a group from the drop-down list and click Go. A list of items in the selected group is displayed below the field for you to select which ones to include in the selection. You can:

  • Highlight one or more items from the list, or

  • Tick All to highlight all the items in the list, or

  • Tick Inactive to highlight the inactive items in the list.

You can filter the list by entering an initial letter or part of a word in Filter and clicking Go. Only items which begin with the entered text (e.g. enter F to display any items beginning with an F) will be displayed in the list, however you still have to highlight the required items using one of the methods described above.

From is the date that the recalculation is to be run from.

To is the date that the recalculation is to be run to.

Tick Overwrite if you want the rules to overwrite any manual adjustments made during the period being recalculated.

Click Calculate to run the recalculation.


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