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How do I authorise/refuse changes to details?

Depending on your system settings, you may receive an e-mail telling you that a team member has made a change to their details. If this option isnít set on your system, you can check the Self Service Authorisation screen to see if there are any requests waiting for authorisation.


The Self Service Authorisation screen lists all requests that have been placed by your team members that are waiting for authorisation. You can use the information displayed to decide whether or not to authorise the change.


Selecting requests to authorise/refuse


There are a number of ways to select the particular request that you want to process. To select:

  • all the requests displayed, click Select

  • all the requests from an individual, tick the box in the first column

  • a single request, tick the box in the second column

If you have selected a number of requests, you can click Deselect to deselect all of them.


Authorising/refusing changes


Once the relevant requests are selected, simply click Authorise or Delete. The employee's record will be updated (for authorised requests), and their summary of requested changes will show the new status.


Cancelling changes


You can cancel requests on behalf of your team members. To do this, select the appropriate request, and click Cancel. No changes will be made to the employee's details, and their summary of requested changes will show that the request was cancelled.


Maintaining self-service fields


Self-service fields are maintained by system administrators. Click here for more information.


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