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How do I use Time in Lieu codes?

Time in lieu is a specific type of leave. It allows employees to take time worked (e.g. overtime) as leave rather than being paid a monetary amount for the time.


The Time in Lieu Maintenance screen allows a system administrator to create or maintain time in lieu codes.


Before an analysis code can be used as a time in lieu code it must been defined on the Analysis Code Maintenance screen with a Code Function of Lieu.


To change the leave code associated with a time in lieu code:

  1. Highlight the time in lieu code in the list of lieu codes

  2. Select the required leave code from the drop-down list

  3. Click Save.

To delete a time in lieu code, highlight it in the list of lieu codes and click Delete.


There is no limit to the number of time in lieu codes which can be set up in Optimum.


Click List to see an overview of all time in lieu codes and definitions.


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