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A work pattern defines the daily working schedule for employees, whether it is for a day they are due to work on or a rest day when they are not expected to work. This screen allows an Optimum System Administrator to view and maintain work patterns.

A work pattern is divided into periods of time called Timebands, which determine which analysis codes the work performed will be posted to (e.g. Basic, Overtime). A work pattern may contain any number of timebands.

The Work Patterns Maintenance screen has seven tabs. You can input or edit information on each of these tabs individually each one can be saved independently. The tabs are:

To set up a new work pattern, click New then complete the General tab first and work through the other tabs in the order they are presented.

How do I copy an existing work pattern?

  1. Highlight the work pattern to be copied in the Work Patterns list.

  2. Enter a unique code in the field next to the Copy button.

  3. Click Copy.

The work pattern definition is copied and you can edit it using the tabs listed above.


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