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How do I clock on or off?

  1. Select Clocking from the menu. The Clocking screen may have been set up as the screen that you always see straight after you have logged on.

The screen shows a summary of your details, the current time and date, and your current status (In or Out).

  1. The expected clocking direction is marked, with a default clocking type of Work. If these are correct, click Clock.

If you need to change the clocking direction or type, make the appropriate selections, and then click Clock.


Note: If you need to change the clocking direction, this means that your last clocking has not registered properly. This could be because you forgot to clock on or off. You will need to submit an Adjustment Request see Requesting an Adjustment, or advise your supervisor.

Your current details will update with your new status, and the date and time that your status changed.

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