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This screen is used to enter temporary analysis code values for a selected employee or group. The added/adjusted codes are displayed in the timesheet as manual adjustments and may be overwritten if the timesheets are recalculated.

For example, you might have to enter jury service dates for an employee.

How do I enter a global code update?

  1. Select a group from the Group list and click Go. A list of items in the selected group is displayed below the field for you to select which ones to include in the report. You can:

  • Highlight one or more items from the list, or

  • Tick All to highlight all the items in the list, or

  • Tick Inactive to highlight the inactive items in the list.

You can filter the list by entering an initial letter or part of a word in Filter and clicking Go. Only items which begin with the entered text (e.g. enter F to display any items beginning with an F) will be displayed in the list, however you still have to highlight the required items using one of the methods described above.

  1. Select the Analysis Code to be used for the code update (e.g. Jury Service).

  2. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the code (e.g. the start and end dates that the employee will be absent from work for jury service).

  3. Enter the Code Value (e.g. the amount of working hours that the employee should accumulate for being on jury service).

  4. Tick Reduce to Zero if you are entering an adjustment and you do not want negative values. Any totals which go below zero for this adjustment will be set to zero.

  5. Tick Overwrite Code if you want the code update to overwrite an existing code. If you are entering an adjustment, leave this unticked.

  6. Click Save.


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