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How do I view my team roll call?

You can use the team roll call to see the current status of your team members. By default, the roll call shows you all team members who are currently clocked in.

  1. Select Roll Call from the menu.

  2. Use the drop-down list if you want to select employees by a different status. Selecting All will show all employees, together with their status.

  3. Click Go to create the roll call.

The screen shows the last clocking activity by your team members, indicating whether they have most recently clocked in (shown in green) or out (shown in red).


If the most recent clocking for a team member was done earlier than the current day, the date will be highlighted in amber to indicate that it may need investigation.


Pre-booked leave or absences are also shown, so that you can see when individuals are expected to return to work.


You can view the timesheet for any of your team members by clicking their name.


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