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How do I request changes to my details?

You can use the Optimum to request changes to some of the information held about you in the system. If you request a change, your supervisor will be asked to authorise the change.


What information can I request changes about?

To see what information you can request to have changed, go to the Self Service Employee screen and select New Request. This will display the information that you can request changes for, and show you what details are currently held in Optimum.


If you need to make changes to information that isn't displayed on the Self Service Employee screen, you should ask your supervisor about making the changes.


Requesting changes

To request a change to your details:

  1. Click New Request.

  2. Find the information that you need to change.

  3. Make the necessary changes.

You can click Reset at any time to return the details back to their values before you started making changes.

  1. Click Request to submit your changes for authorisation by your supervisor.

You will get a message telling you whether or not the request has been accepted.

If you want to return to the summary of self service requests, you can click Return.


Viewing Self Service Requests

The summary of self service requests shows the requests you have made. It lists:

  • the date the request was made

  • the status (Requested, Authorised or Refused)

  • the details of the request

  • the Processed status (the date a request was authorised or refused, or that it is waiting)

You can filter the list of requests to show those made during a particular year, and/or those showing a particular status.


Deleting Self Service Requests

You can delete a change that you have submitted before it is authorised. For example, you may realise that the information you submitted was wrong.


If you have a request waiting to be authorised, you cannot submit another change for that same piece of information. You must delete the original request first.


To do this:

  1. Select the affected request by checking the box at the left hand side of the appropriate line.

  2. Click Delete.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the selected record.

  1. Click OK to delete the request, or Cancel to return to the summary without deleting it.


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