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What does my weekly timesheet tell me?

Your weekly timesheet displays all clockings and any leave, absences or infringements that have occurred in the selected week. To view this, select Weekly Timesheet from the menu.


Changing which week is displayed on the timesheet

When you first go into the screen, it will show the current week.


To change which week is displayed, you can either:

  • use the  or  keys to scroll to the required week and press Display, or

  • use the drop-down calendar to select the required week and press Display.


Elements on the weekly timesheet

The top section of the daily timesheet shows, for each day:


  • the date and the employee's scheduled start and end time

  • the direction and time for each clocking for that day

  • the time worked and the cost centre that the work is attributed to


For flexitime employees the total hours for the day and the difference between that and the actual time worked are also displayed.


For flexitime employees, the lower section of the daily timesheet displays a summary of their current flexitime balance.


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